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Out in the Case Mill Gardens

Since ABC is located in central Texas, our garden staff does not usually talk about rain; sometimes we go long periods without getting much, if any at all. Such was not the case the winter of 2000–2001. Central Texas experienced exceedingly heavy rains from November through March, so much so that the gardens at the Case Mill Homestead were so lush, staff and visitors could hardly believe that they were indeed in Texas. An artichoke in the Reproductive Garden produced more than a dozen massive flower heads. The Antioxidant Garden produced more cruciferous vegetables than staff could eat. The rain, coupled with warm weather, kept the echinacea in bloom all winter.

The verdant spring provided many photo opportunities. Many of these beautiful images are now on the virtual tour of the Case Mill gardens at ABC’s website . Currently, the tour is in a “click through” format. In the future it will feature maps and links to specific gardens and information about each plant.

Unfortunately, that same rain caused major erosion in four gardens, which will have to be replanted, some plant loss and the germination of every weed seed on the property. We are currently redesigning and upgrading some of the gardens. Below is a partial “wish list” of items to further the progress on the gardens. If you can provide any of these items, or the money to purchase them, please contact Gayle Engels at 512/926-4900, ext. 114 or email . Donations are tax deductible and will be recognized in future issues of HerbalGram.

Garden Wishlist


   Steel edging


   Decomposed granite

   Garden soil

   Humidifier bench for greenhouse propagation

   Organic fertilizers

   Organic pesticides


   Limestone rock for edging beds