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Pharmacy from the Rainforest Tour Just Around the Corner

How many times have you heard that many of the drugs on the market come from plants native to the Amazon? Like quinine from the Cinchona sp. for example. Or that there are so many untested species of plants in the Amazon, we don’t know what we are losing by deforestation? Or that the shamans in that area have no one to pass their knowledge on to, and if we don’t help to preserve this knowledge, it will all be gone when they die? While true, these things are just a piece of the picture.

To get the whole picture, join us for our 8th annual Pharmacy from the Rainforest tour to the Peruvian Amazon from October 27 through November 4. Learn about the ethnobotanical uses and promising pharmacological studies on plants ranging from cashew (Anacardium occidentale) to cat’s claw (Uncaria tomentosa). See more species of birds, butterflies and flora than you could imagine in such a small area. And doctors and pharmacists earn continuing education credits while on a fun and exciting adventure.

For more information on the Amazon tour or any of the tours below, call Kim at 512/926-4900, ext. 101 or email . Please reference the three-digit number in parentheses (below) if there is one.

AMAZON (355)                                                      2001      Pharmacy from the Rainforest                 Oct 27-Nov 4

Tanzania & Kenya – Africa Safari (468)         2002      International Healthcare Issues               Feb 8-21

Bali & Komodo – Sea Safari Voyage (469)                   2002                      Perspectives in Healthcare                    April 7-20

SPAIN  – Pre-AIDS Conference                     2002      International Health Issues                         June 31-July 6

SOUTH AFRICA – Botswana/Namibia          2002      San Culture Healing Traditions              Aug 3-12Kalahari Desert & Okavango Delta                            & Emerging Int’l Healthcare Issues  

ANDES / Machu-Picchu                                             2002      Perspectives in Healing                                 Sept 14-21

AMAZON (355)                                                        2002      Pharmacy from the Rainforest                 Oct 26-Nov 3

BELIZE (370)                                                            2003      Lifestyle & Longevity Issues                   January

         The Human Odyssey                                      2003      History & Future of Medicine                November Private jet expedition to France,Tunisia, Spain, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Iran, Syria, and Malta