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HerbClip on CD 1996-2000

ABC announces the release of its third annual CD containing all of the HerbClip™ critical reviews from 1996 through the end of 2000. The CD is a virtual library of critical reviews of articles on herbal medicine from popular and trade magazines, scientific journals and the general press. It features a search engine that allows the user to search by herb, condition, disease or any key word or phrase. More than 1,300 reviews, most of which are peer-reviewed, are contained on the CD.

The full HerbClip™ Educational Mailing Service is mailed every two weeks  to physicians, pharmacists, and other healthcare professionals as well as those in academia, government and the herb and dietary supplement industry.  “For more than eight years, a select group of people have been getting this critical information” said Mark Blumenthal. “The CD enables us to share it in a condensed form with many others.”

Members who join ABC at the sponsor level receive the service along with selected policy makers, members of the media and others. It includes the critical review and a copy of the original article if permission to reprint has been granted. With increased demand for access to this important information, ABC has produced HerbClip in a CD format.

The HerbClip critical reviews are available for the first time on-line to ABC members who join above the individual membership levels. Additionally, this information, which is regularly updated, is licensed by other websites to be used as part of a core of reference materials. It has been ABC’s most successful product licensed under the Herb-Ed-WebTM Content Licensing program. “For many years, people have told us that HerbClip is one of the best sources for keeping up with the literature in a convenient way,” said Blumenthal. “Considering the high value of this resource, we are pleased to be able to offer it now in so many forms.”

The HerbClip CD is available from ABC for $100 and can be purchased online or by phone. It is a free benefit of certain levels of membership. It can also be purchased for resale by retailers and distributors.

Wayne Silverman, Ph.D., ABC