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Presentations and Major Papers by ABC’s Executive Director, Mark Blumenthal

January to April, 2000:

Jan. 11 – Austin Rotary Club Luncheon, Austin, TX, “Herbs for Health.”

Jan. 24-25 – Fort Worth Obstetric & Gynecologic Society, Fort Worth, TX, “Herbal Medicines in Women’s Health.”

Feb. 2 – South Austin Rotary Club Luncheon, Austin, TX, “Herbs for Health.”

Feb. 3 Foundation for Innovation in Medicine Conference—The Current Nutraceutical Health Sector & the Next Phase of the Nutraceutical Revolution, New York, NY.  “The Impact of the German Nutraceutical Clinical Research in the USA.”

Feb. 9 Texas Health Resources Internal Medicine Allergy Update, Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas. “Herbal Medicines: Should They Be Incorporated Into Clinical Practice?”

Feb. 10 – San Antonio Herb Society city-wide meeting, “Herbs Can Change Your Life.”

Feb. 21 – Texas A&M Nutraceuticals & Functional Foods Course, College Station, TX, “Natural Pharmaceutical Products.”

Mar. 4 – Austin Area Society of Health-System Pharmacists, “Herbal Standardization & References.”

Mar. 8 New Age Publishing & Inner Voyages Seminar at Sea, “History of Herbs in Medicine: A Lighthearted Journey of Herb Use Over 5000 Years.”

Mar. 12-15 – Harvard Medical School, Complementary & Alternative Medicine Conference, Boston, MA, “Botanical Medicine: Marketing Trends.”

Mar. 18 Association of Humanistic Psychology Conference, Indianapolis, IN, “Herbal Heart Matters” workshop.

Mar. 29-31 International Conference on Medicinal Plants: Market, Crop, Production & Processing, University of Concepcion, Termas de Chillan, Chile. “Development & Perspectives of USA Phytopharmaceuticals.”

Apr. 27 Health2 Education Seminar, Samsung Corporation, Austin, TX, “Herbal Medicine: Precautions & Benefits.”