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Issue 49
Summer 2000
The Journal of the American Botanical Council
Tempest in a Tonic Bottle: A Bunch of Weeds?
Dear Reader
Dear Reader
ABC News
ABC’s Wayne Silverman to Coordinate Share America! Workplace Efforts
HerbClip Now Available on CD ROM
Pharmacy Doctoral Interns Serve Rotation at ABC

Online Ordering Now Available on ABC Website

Youngken Herbarium Donated to ABC
ABC Co-sponsors Accredited Ethnobotanical Tours for Healthcare Professionals
Presentations and Major Papers by ABC’s Executive Director, Mark Blumenthal
CITES Approves Trade Controls for Three Medicinal Plants
Market Report
Herb Sales Down 3% in Mass Market Retail Stores' Sales in Natural Food Stores Still Growing, but at Lower Rate
Legal & Regulatory
Regulation in the Herb Market: The Myth of the "Unregulated Industry"
The Desert Can Heal: Desert Walk for Health, Heritage, and Biodiversity
Herb Blurbs
Paclitaxel (Taxol®) Found in Hazelnut Trees
Plant Patents
Water Soluble Extract for Uncaria
Muira Puama Extract for Relief of Fatigue
Saw Palmetto, Nettles, and Pygeum for Male Pattern Baldness
Turmeric for Skin Disorders
Special Report
Interactions Between Herbs and Conventional Drugs: Introductory Considerations