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Expanded Commission E Book Available.
The new book, Herbal Medicine -- Expanded Commission E Monographs, is now available from ABC. This companion to the award-winning The Complete German E Commission Monographs -- Therapeutic Guide to Herbal Medicines provides in-depth information from recent clinical research to describe more than 100 of the most widely used medicinal plants. It contains information on the quality and efficacy of specific herbal preparations, as well as supporting references to scientific literature.

"While The Complete German Commission E Monographs covered the array of medicinal plants sold as medicines in Germany with brief summaries and recommendations on each, the new Herbal Medicine offers greater depth of information," said Mark Blumenthal, founder and executive director of ABC and senior editor of both books. "This is a much more extensive resource, providing information about clinical studies, herb safety, side effects, interactions, types of preparations, and more." Herbal Medicine, edited by Blumenthal and associate editors Alicia Goldberg and Josef Brinckmann, was published in cooperation with Integrative Medicine Communications.

Herbal Medicine also features 91 beautiful color images by noted botanical photographer Steven Foster. It includes expanded and modified scientific research monographs on 107 herbs covered by the Commission E Monographs, and expanded overviews on chemistry, pharmacology, therapeutic use, contraindications, dosage and administration, quality, proper use during pregnancy and lactation, and plant name cross-references.

The Complete German Commission E Monographs, published in 1998, was ranked among the top three medical texts of 1998 by Doody's Medical Book Review Journal, and was included as a "must have" core resource on the Brandon/Hill Selected List of Books and Journals for the Small Medical Library. The new Herbal Medicine is available in book format or on CD-ROM for $49.95 each, plus shipping and handling. The Herbal Education Catalog in this issue of HerbalGram has complete ordering information for this book, listed as #BI81E. Contact ABC at 800/373-7105, fax 512/926-2345, email <> or order from the ABC website, <>, or toll-free at the automated order line 800/373-7105.

Article copyright American Botanical Council.


By Karen Robin