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Issue 48
Spring 2000
The Journal of the American Botanical Council
Coinage of Greek Cyrenaica, the Silphium Economy, and Exaggerated Advertising
Beauty in Peril - The Stoltmann Wilderness.
Dear Reader
Dear Reader
ABC News
Expanded Commission E Book Available.
ABC Website Receives Netscape Award.
HerbalGram Named Utne Reader Alternative Press Award Finalist.
Commission E Monographs Available at Medical School Intranet.
ABC Co-sponsors Ethnobotanical Festival.
ABC History: Library Formed from 30-Year Collection.
ABC Seeking Assistance with Grant Program.
Accredited Ethnobotanical Tours for Healthcare Professionals.
ABC Activities: September through November, 1999.
Organization News
FDA Scientist Moves to Herb Industry.
AHP Publishes Two New Monographs.
World News
DEA Hempseed Seizure "For the Birds".
Two States Take Steps Toward Growing Industrial Hemp.
Actor Dennis Weaver Speaks Up for Industrial Hemp.
California State Assembly Endorses Industrial Hemp.
"Kava Island" Victim of Earthquake.
Verified Plant Specimen Program Initiated.
Herb Blurb: Peach Oil as Pesticide?
Research Reviews
Scientific Studies and Reports in the Herbal Literature: What Are We Studying and Reporting?
Guest Editorial
FDA's New Structure/Function Claims Regulations Affirm DSHEA - Not Dietary Supplement Safety and Effectiveness.
Market Report
Prevention Magazine Assesses Use of Dietary Supplements.
Two-Thirds of Canadians Say Natural Herbal Supplements Are as Effective as Prescription Drugs or Over-the-Counter Remedies. Tests Ginkgo and Saw Palmetto Products.
Legal & Regulatory
FDA Issues Final Rules for Structure/Function Claims for Dietary Supplements Under DSHEA.
FDA Issues Proposed Regulations on Foreign Marketing Data for OTC Drug Approvals.
Self Regulatory Initiatives by the Herbal Industry.
Conference Reports
Herbal Medicine into the New Millennium - Envisioning a New Dawn For Herbal Medicine.
Book Reviews
The Encyclopedia of Popular Herbs - An Authoritative Guide to 40 Leading Medicinal Plants.
Sacred Herbal Healing Beers: The Secrets of Ancient Fermentation.
Toxic Plants: Dangerous to Humans and Animals.
In Memoriam
George T. Murdock: 1917-2000.
Cyrille De Klemm: 1927-1999.
Bastiaan Meeuse, J.D.: 1916-1999.
Catherine Brandel: 1943-1999.
Plant Patents
Gymnema Treatment for Type I and II Diabetes.
Multi-herbal Combination for Viral Infections.
Multi-component Supplement with Ginkgo.
Amazonian Shamans Confront the U.S. Patent Office on South American Plant.
Quality Control
Nephropathy Associated With the Use of Aristolochia.
Honors/Grants & Awards
Natural Pharmacist Wins APhA National Merit Award.
Iwu Recipient of 1999 Schultes Award.
Balick Elected American Association for the Advancement of Science Fellow.
NIH Funds Botanical Research Centers: Appropriates $50 Million in Complementary and Alternative Medicine Funding.