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Jeanne Rose Donates Herbal Memorabilia to ABC.
In May, renowned herbalist and author Jeanne Rose began donating an extensive collection of medicine bottles and other herbal-medicine antiquities to ABC. Included in the collection are items such as "New Age Creations Men's Aromatic Aftershave," "Sloan's Family Liniment," and "Dr. Miles' Restorative Tonic." The most common types of medicines and bottle are for laxatives, liver "pills," and various liniments and tonics.

The items will be displayed in the library of the new Herbal Education and Research Center upon its completion. The Center will be open to the public, and Rose's contribution is intended to help showcase the history of herbal medicine. Rose hopes that her donation will inspire others to donate historic items to help the Case Mill Homestead reflect the past and future of herbal medicine.

Article copyright American Botanical Council.


By Rachael Jones