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American Botanical Council has moved in to the new Herbal Education Center at the Case Mill Homestead. As many of our supporters know, in the past 10 years ABC's role has expanded. ABC is a significant source in the United States for scientifically based and accurate information about herbs and medicinal plants. As demand for information has increased, so has the size and the scope of ABC. With a staff of 30, ABC needed more room and selected this historic site where ABC will open the Herbal Education Center, a unique public facility dedicated to medicinal herbs.

ABC expects that around 5,000 people will visit the facility and gardens annually to enhance their knowledge and appreciation of the safe application and efficacy of healing with herbs. We anticipate that participants in educational workshops will be healthcare practitioners, members of botanical and horticultural clubs, and children and youth from schools and clubs in the Austin area.

So far, extensive renovations on the grounds and the historic 140-year-old home have been made. Improvements include refurbishing the interior while maintaining the house's original charm; upgrading and expanding the gardens; installing a state-of-the-art security alarm and lighting system; and building a new, wheelchair-accessible front porch. Preparations were also made for the infrastructure by digging trenches and installing completely upgraded electrical, phone, gas, and cable lines. The new Annex has been ordered that will accommodate the temporary home of the Education Building. A new site plan is being drawn for the greenhouse, paths and storage building.

The need for funds to finance the home stretch was boosted by major pledges from Extracts Plus and New Hope Communications who joined Enzymatic Therapy and Madis/Pure World Botanicals at the $50,000+ level of giving.

ABC staff looks forward to seeing supporters and subscribers at the new site!

Article copyright American Botanical Council.


By Wayne Silverman