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Article copyright American Botanical Council.">In January 1998, the audio publication, "The Vegetable Chronicles," was mentioned in the Publisher's Weekly roster of 1997 "Listen Up Awards" for best spoken audio publication in the category for health audios, with tapes from the company the top listing in the category. All other awardees were major publishers. In an award for a specific audio publication, Booklist cited "The Medicine Garden" by producer David Freudberg, in its "Best of 1997" year-end roundup. The Medicine Garden is a set of audio cassettes, featuring physicians, pharmacy experts, and others who describe the sensible uses -- and limitations -- of herbal medicine. The project was funded in part by General Nutrition Centers (GNC), Nature's Way, and the Herb Research Foundation. (See article in HerbalGram #C:InetpubwwwrootData, page 8. The Medicine Garden is available from the ABC catalog, #701.)p#