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ABC Activities November '97 - January '98:#
Bioneers, San Francisco, CA, "Green Medicine," "Herbal Medicine"; Massachusetts College of Pharmacy, Boston, MA, "Herbs and Phytomedicines in Today's Pharmacy: Issues of Safety, Efficacy, Label Claims, and Quality Control"; DIA Conference on Botanicals, Washington D.C., "Botanical Interactions with Drugs and Other Products"; Alternative Care Therapy (ACT) Conference, Dallas, TX, Focus on Tissue Cleaning/Rainforest; 10th District Dental Society Monthly Meeting, Austin, TX, "Drug Discovery in the Rainforest"; Western States Chiropractic College, Fort Lauderdale, FL, "Herbal Medicine: A Continuing Trend"; Gulf Coast Society Health System Pharmacists, Houston, TX, "Assessing the Safety and Efficiency of Herbs & Phytomedicines: The Issue of Phytoequivalence"; Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti, MI, "Health Remedies"; Herb Business Winter Getaway, San Antonio, TX, "Politics of Herbs: Role of Herbs in the U.S. Market"; Stanford Review Special Report, M. Blumenthal and D.Malone, "R eview of Clinical Studies Documenting Claims for Popular Herbs in the U.S. Market," a Special Report for Stanford University; book chapter "Issues and Aspects on Herbal Safety" in Poisoning & Toxicology Compendium.

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