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ABC Receives Frontier HerbFest Proceeds.
The American Botanical Council was the recipient this year of the profits from the Frontier HerbFest '97, produced by Frontier Natural Products Co-op. The $12,500 was allocated among three ABC programs: the Ginseng Evaluation Program, the production of the German Commission E Monographs, and the new Black Cohosh Education Project, as recommended by Frontier staff.

Designed as a public service, the theme of HerbFest "97 was "Preserving the Balance -- Body, Spirit, Earth." The event, attended by more than 1,400 people, was held August 1997 in Norway, Iowa. Frontier decided that net profits from this event should go to enhance the field of herbal education. HerbFest '98 will be August 14-16 in Norway, Iowa. For more information, call 1/800/ 609-3275.

"We wanted to acknowledge the excellent contribution that ABC makes to the public, professionals, and this industry. ABC's programs enhance the purpose and spirit of HerbFest," said Jeff Tripician, Vice-President of Marketing for Frontier.

Article copyright American Botanical Council.


By Wayne Silverman