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Commission E Progresses.
In an effort to make the final version of the English translation of Commission E publication as up-to-date as possible, ABC has included the most recent editorial developments. At this point all monographs have been translated and edited. They have been cross-referenced to the appropriate therapeutic, chemical, and taxonomic indices. Our editors are currently working on completing the extensive Introduction (currently over 25,000 words, 40 pages in final layout form). This introduction is an important part of the book and could not be finished until all other aspects of the book were completed. The Introduction gives an overview of the U.S. regulatory situation -- the book has, in essence, increased in context and relevance. It also gives an extensive background on the German market for phytomedicines, the legal and regulatory framework for phytomedicines in Germany, the criteria used by Commission E in assessing the herbs, an analysis of the monograph system, comments on speci fic monographs, and much more.

We have received peer review feedback from three members of Commission E and we are currently revising the Introduction to reflect this feedback. Inclusion of the revisions from members of the Commission will result in a publication with increased usefulness and authority. One reviewer, a member of the Commission for 16 years since its inception, said, "I want to congratulate you on the excellent Introduction to the Commission E monographs in the English language. Your book will be very useful not only for the U.S., but also for the European Community and the World Health Organization."

After we revise the Introduction, we will compile the General Index. The book has now grown to an estimated 665-675 pages, significantly larger than the 450-500 pages envisioned several years ago at the start of the project.

Publication of this book will result in a unique, useful, and highly valuable addition to the reference library of herbal knowledge.

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By Mark Blumenthal