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ABC Receives Plants Donated by USBG.
The United States Botanical Garden (USBG) in Washington, D.C., closed temporarily at the end of September 1997 for remodeling. The Garden is slated to reopen in three years. Since there is so much to be done, the project may take as long as four years. Currently, USBG is giving away many of the plants to various organizations and private collectors, while some will be removed and cared for by the USBG staff until replanted into the refurbished conservatory.

The USBG offered some of the plants to ABC. Our special volunteer dug up a large variety of medicinal, edible, desert, and historically significant plants for planting at ABC's new Herbal Education and Research Center at the Case Mill Homestead. Many of the plants are varieties used in Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine. These are native to the U.S.

Dr. Jim Duke's assistant, Andrea Ottesen, was instrumental in the on-site digging and transfer of the material to ABC in Austin. As soon as they arrived all the plants that are hardy in Central Texas were planted by staff and volunteers. ABC has built a greenhouse to house those plants that are not winter-hardy in the Texas climate.

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By Gayle Engels