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ABC Plans Annex at Herbal Education and Research Center.
ABC's new Herbal Education and Research Center is quickly taking shape. Renovations on the 140-year-old three-story house at the Case Mill site (see HerbalGram Nos. 39 and 40) are proceeding with a projected move to the new headquarters at the beginning of 1998. A crucial feature of the center's development in the near future is the Annex, a new building which will enable ABC to immediately expand its educational activities. The Annex will house a book store for browsing, a public-access library in which to do research, and facilities which offer classes on various aspects of herbalism. It will allow these programs to begin before construction of the new 6,000-square-foot Education Building, where they will eventually be housed. The Annex offers a perfect name-dedication opportunity for businesses supporting ABC's work.

The thousand-square-foot building will be just a few steps from the original farmhouse, and fully integrated into ABC's ongoing activities.

The Annex will make a world of difference to ABC's program capabilities over the next three years.

Article copyright American Botanical Council.