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Issue 41
Fall 1997
The Journal of the American Botanical Council
Flora of Louisiana.
Herbs and Healing on Nicaragua's Atlantic Coast.
Herbal Medicines Can Reduce Costs in HMO.
Dear Reader
Dear Reader
ABC News
ABC Plans Annex at Herbal Education and Research Center.
ABC Launches New Pharmacy Education Course With Monographs on Popular Herbs.
Pharmacy on Safari.
Case Mill Sponsor List.
World News
Turmeric Patent Overturned in Legal Victory.
New Dispensatory.
Botanical Methods Evaluation Program.
USP Adopts Ginger Monograph.
NIH Studies St. John's Wort.
New Company to Advance Calanolide A for AIDS.
Research Reviews
Feverfew Trials: The promise of -- and the problem with -- standardized botanical extracts.
Devil's Claw for Low Back Pain.
Indian Herb for Chronic Congestive Heart Failure.
Clinical Trial of Fenugreek: For Cholesterol and Blood Sugar Levels of Non-Insulin-Dependent Diabetics.
Study Shows Citrosa Ineffective as Mosquito Repellent.
Immunomodulating Compounds from Traditional Chinese Herbs.
Market Report
Echinacea #1 In Natural Food Trade.
Herbs and Self-Medication Gain in Germany.
OTC Drugs Save Consumers $20 Billion in 1996.
Sandalwood Oil Crop Suffers Burn.
Market Report.
Legal & Regulatory
President's Commission on Dietary Supplement Labels Issues Final Report: Botanicals Are a Key Issue.
"When Will There Come a Savior?"
FDA Proposes Health Claim for Psyllium.
German Government Limits Ginkgolic Acid Levels.
Book Reviews
The Energetics of Western Herbs.
Miracle Cures.
The Green Pharmacy.
Plant Spirit Medicine.
Selection, Preparations and Pharmacological Evaluation of Plant Material.
Top 10 Sellers of ABC BookStore.
In Memoriam
Katherine Esau: 1898-1997.
Lynn Lowrey: 1917-1997.
Thalassa Cruso: 1909-1997.
Harold Epstein: 1903-1997.
Herb Blurbs
Shockolate Absorbers: With or Without Almonds
Plant Patents
Plant Patents.
Honors/Grants & Awards
The Herbalists' United Plant Savers.
Goldenseal In World Trade: Pressures and Potentials.