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Pharmacy Home Study Courses Available.
ABC and the Texas Pharmacy Foundation have published home-study series for pharmacists called "Herbs & Phytomedicines." The series initially consists of three modules with the first two worth two hours and the third equal to one and one-half hours of approved pharmacy education credit. The Foundation is an approved provider of the American Council on Pharmaceutical Education.

The series examines critical historical issues of herbal medicines and how these products have contributed to our past and present use of medicine in general. The series also describes how such herbal medications are assessed for efficacy and safety, looks at the invaluable resource of our diminishing rainforests as a source for such plants, and discusses what can facilitate more effective conservation.

These unique educational modules have been created from articles previously available through ABC's Classic Botanical Reprints Series. By the end of summer 1996 an additional module on herbal laxatives will be available. This is part of a larger focus on herbs and the digestive system which will comprise the fourth module.

Article copyright American Botanical Council.


By Wayne Ewen