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Second Annual Pharmacy From The Rainforest A Success.
With two successful ethnobotanical trips in 1995, ABC, the Texas Pharmacy Foundation, and International Expeditions once again provided to pharmacists and others a unique learning experience in the great classroom of the rainforest. Not only did the Peruvian Amazon trip fill to capacity with participants, but at the time of departure, there was a "wait list" of people anxious to go!

Of the 99 participants, 62 were pharmacists (63 percent). Greg Schwartz, a pharmacist from Minnesota, won a free trip to the Amazon (Courtesy of International Expeditions) at the American Pharmaceutical Association convention in March, 1995, and had this to say about the trip: "As winner of the Amazon trip, I would like to thank ABC, International Expeditions, and the Texas Pharmacy Foundation for the trip of a lifetime. The Faculty, Workshops, Guides and location in the Amazon Rainforest were outstanding."

Three trips are scheduled for 1996 to Central and South American rainforests. To order a review of the 1994 trip to the Peruvian Amazon, see the special "Pharmacy From The Rainforest" section in HerbalGram #33. To order a copy of this special review, as well as the details of the 1996 trips, see the enclosed catalog.

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