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ABC Publishes Classics IV.
The American Botanical Council announces the publication of its fourth volume of the Classic Botanical Reprint series. Articles in this series were chosen on the basis of compelling evidence they present for: 1) the need for more research on medicinal plants; 2) the great importance medicinal plants have played historically and are playing currently in modern society; 3) the positive future of natural products given an understanding of present day problems; and 4) because these articles will provide significant useful information to researchers, regulators, journalists, business people, and consumers.

ABC's fourth volume of the Classic Botanical Reprints Series draws upon familiar authors whose research and activity in the field are well known: Norman R. Farnsworth, Ph.D., Varro E. Tyler, Ph.D., Richard Evans Schultes, Ph.D., Rudolf Fritz Weiss, M.D., Paul Alan Cox, M.D., and Michael Balick, Ph.D.

Articles by these authors focus respectively upon safety of herbal medicines, the potential impact of Western European phytomedicines upon U.S. products and their use, the importance of preserving the encyclopedic knowledge of Amazon Indians, the proof of efficacy for herbal medicines, and the ethnobotanical approach to drug discovery.

Other articles include an intriguing article on Greek and Roman views about herbs (in an introduction to a description of the herb garden at the J. Paul Getty Museum in California), a plea to our planet to "live as if Earth mattered," a truly classic work giving specific guidelines for growing medicinal plants (1915, rev. 1935) prepared by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, an excellent review of the use of plants as drags in the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and a broad contemporary (1994) overview of modern botanical medicine. Another piece takes a historical look at the European reception to the first plant medicines introduced from the New World.

The complete set of 11 articles is available from ABC for $29.

Article copyright American Botanical Council.