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ABC Co-sponsors Garlic Publication.
The American Botanical Council (ABC) is among the supporters of publication of an English translation of a German book on garlic research, Garlic: the Science and Therapeutic Application of Allium sativum L. and Related Species, 2nd edition. During the translation process, the book, edited by Heinrich P. Koch, Ph.D., M.Pharm., of the University of Vienna, Austria, and Larry D. Lawson, Ph.D., research scientist with the Murdock Madaus Schwabe Group, Springville, Utah, was revised with the assistance of three experts, all of them top scientists and long involved in garlic research.

Garlic research is a highly active special discipline of phytomedicine, the science of the medicinally used plants. During the past eight years (since the first edition appeared) more innovative development was achieved in this field than in the decades before.

Contents of this most complete scientific work on garlic include the complete history, chemistry, and scientific review of the therapeutic effects of garlic on the cardiovascular system, an update of the methodological approaches used in quantitation of garlic-derived organo-sulfur compounds, comprehensive tables, and a section on processed garlic and various preparations.

According to the volume's acknowledgement, "to assure the absence of influence on the contents of the book, no portion of it was reviewed by the sponsors prior to publication." Other sponsors were Murdock Madaus Schwabe/Nature's Way Products, Inc., Lichtwer Pharma GmbH., Pure-Gar, Inc., and Global Marketing Associates. Available from ABC Book Store #B 159, $79.00.

Article copyright American Botanical Council.