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January 13, 2022

Science & Research
Higher olive oil intake associated with lower risk of CVD mortality. EurekAlert! January 10, 2022.
Stopping dementia at the nose with combination of rifampicin and resveratrol. Science Daily. December 29, 2021.
Dietary fiber improves outcomes for melanoma patients on immunotherapy. Science Daily. December 23, 2021.
Where does the special scent of thyme and oregano come from? Science Daily. December 21, 2021.
Traditional medicinal plant relieves malaria symptoms. EurekAlert! December 20, 2021.
Plant scientists find recipe for anti-cancer compound in herbs. Purdue University News. December 20, 2021.
'Drink your peas!' Benefits of supplementing cow milk with plant protein. Science Daily. December 15, 2021.
Study finds single molecule within a specific plant used by Native Americans can treat both pain and diarrhea. Science Daily. November 16, 2021.

Legal & Regulator
Acacia Gum Fits Definition of Dietary Fiber, FDA Rules. WholeFoods Magazine. January 3, 2022.
WHO Decides Against Scheduling Kratom. WholeFoods Magazine. December 17, 2021.
CHPA Releases Animation Calling for DSHEA Modernization. WholeFoods Magazine. December 10, 2021.

Community & Industry
Obituary: Paul C. Ross (1931-2021), Bioforce USA Founder & Chairman. Nutrition Industry Executive. January 5, 2022.
Department of Energy announces $30 million for plant genomics research to facilitate experimental validation of plant gene function. EurekAlert! December 20, 2021.
In Memoriam: Jack Speer, Essential Formulas. WholeFoods Magazine. December 8, 2021.

Cannabis Update
CBD reduces glioblastoma’s size, supportive environment in experimental model. EurekAlert! December 23, 2021.
7 Trends to Watch in the Cannabinoid-Enabled Market in 2022. Nutrition Industry Executive. December 21, 2021.
Cannabis in medicine: Enormous therapeutic potential but reliable studies still lacking. EurekAlert! December 17, 2021.

Consumer & Popular
Here's why wild ginseng roots can cost over $17,000. Business Insider. December 16, 2021.
With Medicinal Plant Index, Travis Gumbs Wants to Make Holistic Healing More Approachable. Vogue. December 14, 2021.

Trends & Technology
2022 Flavor trends for food and beverage. Nutritional Outlook. December 30, 2021.
Adaptogenic mushrooms for pre-workout and recovery. Natural Products Insider. December 27, 2021.
Optimizing testosterone levels naturally. Natural Products Insider. December 22, 2021.

Environment & Conservation
DiCaprio Ylang-Ylang Tree Among 2021’s Amazing New Species. Mother Jones. January 8, 2022.
5 Hot Topics at the Sustainable Foods Summit. Natural Products Insider. December 27, 2021.
The road to regenerative agriculture: Why we can’t turn our back. Nutritional Outlook. December 13, 2021.

Traditional Medicine
Farmers hope to cash in on $130b global market for traditional Chinese medicine with long-term study. Australian Broadcasting Corporation News. January 7, 2022.
Cubans turn to natural remedies in midst of prescription drugs shortage. National Geographic. January 6, 2022.
To Fight COVID-19, Asia Increasingly Turns to Traditional Medicine. The Diplomat. December 24, 2021.
In Italy’s Alps, Traditional Medicine Flourishes, as Does Covid. The New York Times. December 16, 2021.

Community & Industry Releases
AHPA releases seven updated entries to the online Botanical Safety Handbook 2nd Ed. American Herbal Products Association. January 5, 2022.
AHPA celebrates 40 years of leadership and advocacy in the herbal and natural products industry. American Herbal Products Association. January 4, 2022.
AHPA adopts revised guidance policy on GMO. American Herbal Products Association. December 27, 2021.
Jaguar Health Launches Canalevia-CA1 (Crofelemer) for the Treatment of Chemotherapy-Induced Diarrhea (CID) in Dogs. Jaguar Health. January 4, 2022.
Review: Minor Cannabinoids Acknowledged to Possess Therapeutic Properties. NORML. January 6, 2022.
Encouraging Cancer Research. Project CBD. January 1, 2022.
2021 Year in Review: NORML’s Top Ten Events in Marijuana Policy. NORML. December 30, 2021.
Government-Funded Survey Shows Unprecedented Decline in Marijuana Use by Young People. NORML. December 23, 2021.
Medicinal Cannabis Watchdog Group Launches Campaign to Implement Ryan’s Law. Americans for Safe Access. December 21, 2021.
UK Epileptic Children Denied Cannabis Prescriptions. Project CBD. December 15, 2021.
Dick Griffin – In Memoriam. American Herbal Products Association. January 6, 2022.
In memoriam Peter Richard Bradley (1937-2021). Society for Medicinal Plant and Natural Product Research. December 14, 2021.
Kew’s 2021 top ten new species list. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. January 6, 2022.
Herbs & Spices Program: Joint Rainforest Alliance and UEBT Certification. Rainforest Alliance. January 6, 2022.
Bringing Back the American Chestnut Tree and Native Medicinal and Food-Producing Species. United Plant Savers. December 16, 2021.
Sustainable Foods Summit 2022: Sustainable & Plant-Based Food Innovations. NSF International. December 2021.
MAPS and Vine Ventures Pioneer Novel Regenerative Funding Structure to Infuse Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy Research and Access with Timely $70 Million. Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies. December 2, 2021.
China Issues Catalogue of Herbal Medicines That Are Also Foods. Hong Kong Trade Development Council. December 24, 2021.
HKBU establishes Centre for Chinese Herbal Medicine Drug Development to enhance the creation of novel Chinese medicine drugs in Hong Kong. Hong Kong Baptist University. December 22, 2021.
UM sets over ten international quality standards for Chinese medicine. University of Macau. December 15, 2021.

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