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April 15, 2022

Science & Research
Heart health is still a top concern among seniors. Here’s how research is driving this category forward. Nutritional Outlook. April 12, 2022.
Indian sandalwood oil may protect skin from environmental stressors, says recent study. Nutritional Outlook. April 11, 2022.
Curcumin research for cognition, immunity and skin health. Natural Products Insider. April 5, 2022.
Eating two servings of avocados a week linked to lower risk of cardiovascular disease. Science Daily. March 30, 2022.
Kudzu Roots and Soy Molasses may help treat three types of cancer especially kids'. EurekAlert! March 30, 2022.
Good news for coffee lovers: Daily coffee may benefit the heart. Science Daily. March 24, 2022.
Plant-based omega-3s may boost heart health, reduce risk of heart disease. Science Daily. March 23, 2022.
Trial use of soybean waste to tackle obesity. Science Daily. March 23, 2022.
100g of cranberries a day improves cardiovascular health, study finds. Science Daily. March 22, 2022.
Multi-herb extract supports healthy cholesterol levels, says recent study. Nutritional Outlook. March 16, 2022.
Trial testing cocoa flavanol supplement shows promise for reducing cardiovascular risk. Science Daily. March 16, 2022.
Elders & betters: Elderberry research is validating the hype. Nutritional Outlook. March 4, 2022.

Community & Industry
Layn Natural Ingredients launches Botanical Ingredient Library. Nutritional Outlook. April 11, 2022.
From field to frustration: How botanicals are weathering the great supply-chain cataclysm of 2022. Nutritional Outlook. March 28, 2022.
CHPA Launches Index to Analyze Trends in Supplements. WholeFoods Magazine. March 25, 2022.
Supply chain threats in herbs and botanicals with a focus on ashwagandha. Natural Products Insider. March 17, 2022.
Gaia Herbs appoints scientific advisory board to advance innovation in herbal supplements. EurekAlert! March 15, 2022.
NPEW 2022: The State of Natural & Organic. WholeFoods Magazine. March 11, 2022.

Cannabis Update
UK first to regulate market for oral cannabis extracts. Nutritional Outlook. April 4, 2022.

Consumer & Popular
Move It! Exercise and the Endocannabinoid System. Project CBD. April 13, 2022.
Americans Look to 3rd-Party Certifications to Align Purchases with Their Values. WholeFoods Magazine. March 30, 2022.
Are smokers’ health dietary supplements legit? Nutritional Outlook. March 30, 2022.

Quality Control & Adulteration
Ensuring Compliance and Quality in the Natural Products Marketplace. Nutrition Industry Executive. April 1, 2022.

Trends & Technology
Brain health supplements for the younger customer: How to sell cognitive supplements to Gen Z and millennials. Nutritional Outlook. April 14, 2022.
Blood sugar support supplements become more versatile. Nutritional Outlook. April 13, 2022.
Eyes on the prize: With projections high for the eye health supplements market, innovation and research are active. Nutritional Outlook. April 8, 2022.
How to win the sports and active nutrition game in 2022. Nutritional Outlook. March 28, 2022.
PBFA: Plant-Based Hit All-Time High in 2021. WholeFoods Magazine. March 25, 2022.
Humanization of pets driving innovation in natural ingredients. Natural Products Insider. March 17, 2022.
Broad benefits: Immune health supplements and powders are going multifunctional. Nutritional Outlook. March 14, 2022.
Relaxation and sleep supplements, “mushroom everything,” and carbonated soda for gut health among 2022’s biggest trends, predicts U.S. food broker Presence. Nutritional Outlook. March 7, 2022.
Ashwagandha goes mainstream in U.S. as sales boom. Natural Products Insider. March 4, 2022.

Environment & Conservation
World Health Day 2022: Celebrating the Himalayan plants supporting local livelihoods, health, and biodiversity. TRAFFIC. April 7, 2022.
TRAFFIC launches its online Learning Centre. TRAFFIC. March 31, 2022.

April 25 Lecture To Explore Kratom’s Therapeutic Potential in Opioid Addiction. NCCIH Research Blog. April 4, 2022.
Bastyr University Welcomes DEI Leader Dr. Erika Lorenzana Del Villar. Bastyr University. March 15, 2022.

Community & Industry Releases
AHPA’s 40 Herbs We Love – No. 4: Aloe Vera. American Herbal Products Association. April 8, 2022.
FDA denies petitions to accept NAC in dietary supplement definition. American Herbal Products Association. April 7, 2022.
AHPA updates eight entries to the online Botanical Safety Handbook 2nd Ed. in first 2022 release. American Herbal Products Association. April 7, 2022.
AHPA releases educational materials in Chinese for prevention of pyrrolizidine alkaloid contamination. American Herbal Products Association. March 24, 2022.
AHPA’s 40 Herbs We Love – No. 3: Japanese Pagoda Tree. American Herbal Products Association. March 23, 2022.
CRN’s Mister Applauds COSMOS Research, Says Results to Drive Industry Innovation Council for Responsible Nutrition. March 16, 2022.
NPA Says Mandatory Product Listing in FDA FY 2023 Budget Request is a ‘Non-Starter’ and Amounts to ‘Pre-Market Approval’. Natural Products Association. March 28, 2022.
Rhode Island is Latest State to Target Dietary Supplements with Excessive Regulation Natural Products Association. March 22, 2022.
Poll: Super-Majority of Voters Favor Federal Repeal of Marijuana Prohibition. NORML. March 31, 2022.
Senate Unanimously Approves Legislation Providing Attorney General with Greater Say in Cannabis Research Decisions. NORML. March 31, 2022.
Analysis: Legal Cannabis Sales Projected to Top $72 Billion by 2030. NORML. March 31, 2022.
Call for Nominations: AOAC Official Methods Board. AOAC International. April 8, 2022.
March 2022 Analytical Methods Week Highlights. AOAC International. April 7, 2022.
eSymposium Phytotherapeutics in Children. ESCOP. April 5, 2022.
Call for Special Guest Editor Sections for the Journal of AOAC International. AOAC International. March 30, 2022.
How Your Company Can Support Regenerative Agriculture. Rainforest Alliance. April 4, 2022.
‘Biodiversity loss is our shared burden. It’s also our shared responsibility’. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. April 1, 2022.
Scientists develop model to improve biodiversity protection using AI technology. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. March 24, 2022.
New Measures to Support Transition to 2020 Sustainable Agriculture Standard. Rainforest Alliance. March 23, 2022.
International Day for Biological Diversity 2022. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. March 16, 2022.
UpS x Caledonia Northern Folk Studios: The Ohio Herbal Elders Project 2.0. United Plant Savers. April 5, 2022.
AHP pledges its support to the Society of Medicinal Plant Research (GA) call for humanitarian aid to Ukrainian refugees. United Plant Savers. March 17, 2022.
Pharmacognosy Dispatches from the Ukrainian Frontline. American Society of Pharmacognosy. March 2022.
New York Governor Kathy Hochul Delivers Keynote Address at NYBG’s Women’s History Month Celebration Honoring Bronx Women Community Leaders. New York Botanical Garden. March 24, 2022.
Based on More Than a Decade of Research, Field Guide to the Palms of Belize Is Now Available from NYBG Press in Hardcover, Softcover, and Digital Formats. New York Botanical Garden. March 16, 2022.
Revised Edition of The Secret Chief Revealed: Conversations with Leo Zeff, Pioneer in the Underground Psychedelic Therapy Movement to publish April 19, 2022. Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies. March 30, 2022.

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